Focus is a leader in the personal training industry, renowned for our exceptional, client-driven, team-centric culture.

As a member of the Focus team, you strive to embody the highest levels of expertise, ethics, professionalism, and customer service. You have a passion for fitness and personal growth. You see your career as a conduit for the improvement of other people’s lives and one that serves a greater overall purpose within the fitness industry.

If you believe that you have what it takes to join the Focus team, please submit your application below.


Our Team

We are driven by culture, community and professionalism. Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do - from the level of service we provide to our clients to the support our team members show for each other

Our Mission

To use the science of exercise to motivate, inspire and effect positive change.


Our Values

Deliver Exceptional Service
To customers, vendors, colleagues, and our team.

Act with Integrity
Our team members are honest, truthful, and always do what’s right.

Be Accountable
Team members take ownership of their responsibilities and can be trusted to do what they say they are going to do.

Pursuit of growth and learning
Continuing fitness education is first and foremost for all team members, from our trainers to our administrative and management teams. We have programs in place to support all team members in the pursuit of growth and learning.

Create a positive and supportive environment
Our team is friendly, caring, and supportive of our customers, vendors, and each other. We are never arrogant or unkind. We are humble and always share knowledge to help others.

Have what it takes to join the Focus team?

Current Openings

Job TitleDepartmentLocation
Personal Trainer(none)New York City, NY
Personal Trainer(none)Brooklyn, NY